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Ask Me Anything What, For You, Is The Most Intimidating With Internet Marketing?

Discussion in 'Online and Internet Marketing' started by T J Tutor, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Entrepreneur

    Have you wanted to get into IM, but felt too many obstacles?

    Have you refrained because of this?

    Did you try and give up?

    Would you like an outline and advice to put you on track with IM?

    Tell me in your best words if you want in the business!

    T J

  2. Cleveland76

    Cleveland76 Entrepreneur

    I would say one of the most intimidating things for me has been managing PPC campaigns in highly competitive niches, where the CPC's are through the roof. It's so hard to do any testing, or keep your campaigns under control in general, because you can spend thousands of dollars a day for a relatively small number of clicks. It's near impossible to gain any sort of statistical significance on anything without spending an arm and a leg - which your employer or client, may not be willing to do. They're just looking at the bottom line, I spent X amount of dollars and want X amount back in return.

    I worked in managing PPC campaigns in the insurance space since 2007, and even back then CPC's were relatively expensive compared to other industries, sometimes at $10-$15 a click for high volume terms. These days, those same high volume terms are over $75 a click or more. To make matters worse, what used to be considered the inexpensive "tail" terms are also commanding high CPC's, usually in the $25+ range, whereas many of them used to be under $5 per click.

    It really cripples your ability to break out your campaigns in AdWords, to take advantage of Geo specific features, for example. In other words if I wanted to have a separate campaign for each state, so I can use state specific ad copy, I can't because I'm spreading the click data too thin.

    I'm glad I'm no longer working on insurance PPC campaigns these days, because honestly it was way too stressful and my bosses were not very understanding to the growing challenges.

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