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Web pages instantly generated from your content, what would you use them for?

Discussion in 'Research and Ideas' started by Nathalie Lays, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Nathalie Lays

    Nathalie Lays Business Owner Entrepreneur

    We developed Tylio, a technology that enables everyday people to automatically generate and share Web pages in seconds, for free.

    No coding and no designing skills are required. All you have to do is drop your content (text, images, videos, songs, links...) and Tylio will automatically transform it into a stunning multimedia Web page. It is also possible to invite other people to collaborate by adding more content on the same page.

    Is this something you would use? For what purposes? Would you use this for personal purposes also?

    Thank you for your help!

    Ps: Feel free to check out our demo video to see how the magic works!

  2. azgold

    azgold Moderator Entrepreneur

    Looks like an awesome product!

    I'm a little confused on what happens after your page is created. Do you download it, or is it hosted on the Tylio site?

    Edit - oops, didn't notice the video. I saw how to make and share a page but still not sure what happens after that.

    Did see that it's Canadian, though - yay!
    Nathalie Lays likes this.
  3. Nathalie Lays

    Nathalie Lays Business Owner Entrepreneur

    Well, what happens to your pages depends entirely on you :)

    After creating a page, you can keep it private, share it via email or chat, share it on social networks or make it public so it appears in search results and on the explore page of Tylio.

    Tyls tend to be ideal for temporary purposes but you can keep them as long as you want, edit them to add / edit content, copy them to start new tyls ...
  4. ProxyRadar

    ProxyRadar Entrepreneur

    Seems like such services already exists, such as YouTube, Facebook etc...
  5. Nathalie Lays

    Nathalie Lays Business Owner Entrepreneur

    Not sure to follow you here.

    Tylio automates the process of designing, generating and distributing web pages through AI learning techniques. Those pages can be shared like YouTube videos and on Facebook but they are full scale multimedia web pages, and, therefore, are not similar to a video or a post on Facebook.

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