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Thoughts on ClickBank [Affiliate Marketing]

Discussion in 'Online and Internet Marketing' started by Entrepreneur, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Entrepreneur

    I've just recently got into Affiliate marketing with ClickBank. I use Bing Ads to advertise and have seen no results so far (44 clicks 0 sales). What are your thoughts on Clickbank? Have you had previous success marketing with them?

  2. K

    K Administrator Business Owner Entrepreneur

    Yes! I personally use them for my own products. I have however never really promoted another persons products I just like them for my own as they handle refunds, tax, VAT, support etc!
  3. webpreneur

    webpreneur Entrepreneur

    44 clicks is nothing to base any decisions on. There is so much that goes into picking the right products, whether on Clickbank or any network. Then there is how good the ad is, as well. Bing has a lot less traffic than Google and they're far less accurate in showing the right target. Clickbank has some good products and as K mentions, the network does have a lot of good points.
  4. Sunny77

    Sunny77 Entrepreneur

    I joined Clickbank at one time, but could never find a product there that I really thought was worthwhile. I haven't tried with a product of my own, so that may be another story entirely. I do agree, though, that you need to give it more time. Keep us posted on your results.

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