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The Founder's Dilemmas by Noam Wasserman

Discussion in 'Useful Resources and Inspirations' started by nooksefficient, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. nooksefficient

    nooksefficient Entrepreneur

    This is more of an advice seeking post, not a recommendation. I know the book has 4.5 stars on Amazon, great reviews in pretty much all startup related publications, all that good stuff.
    The expert opinion on this book is everywhere. What I'd like to know is the opinion of people it's supposed to be helping. The beginners.
    That's where you guys come in. Who has read it? Is it worth it?
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  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Entrepreneur

    I read this book four years ago and it was a good read.

    There are a number of tools and resources available today that didn't exist then or were in their infancy.

    here are a few:
    Founders School

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