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Teddie Jones

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Teddie Jones, Feb 8, 2015.

How to build a long term successfull online business within 2 years?

  1. What's the best approach to making money fast online?

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  2. How can I ensure success?

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  1. Teddie Jones

    Teddie Jones Entrepreneur

    Teddie Jones, Sr. is an internet entrepreneur and home based business owner.

    Teddie Jones, Sr began his career as a master computer operator operating multimillion dollar mainframes and now works as an Operation Analyst for a major healthcare provider With. more than 33 years of experience in Information Technology, Teddie wanted something different for his life like many of you. His desire of work from home based and e his own boss leads to his strong desire to be an Internet Marketing Business Coach. Teddie start as resale rights company selling information products.

    After making a few dollars in this industry, Teddie firmly believed that a person can make a decent amountt of money in this industry if their WHY was big enough. He wanted to run a home based internet marketing business where he could make enough money to stay home to take care of his disabled wifes who’ve been on dialysis for 25 years. Also, he wants to make enough money to buy his wife a kidney.

    As he began to realize his dream, he set his mind on becoming a master digital marketer.

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