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  1. Tyler Bell|MYB Revolution

    Tyler Bell|MYB Revolution Entrepreneur

    Hi Zac,
    I read that you interviewed some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world. How did you start talking and connecting with these entrepreneurs? Were you nervous for your first interview?
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  2. Zac Johnson

    Zac Johnson Entrepreneur

    Jumping into the world of podcasting was interesting. It wasn't something that I really "wanted" to do, but I felt it would make me a better speaker and ultimately help grow my brand as well -- and it did! The show actually turned into one of the best things I've done and provided a huge amount of value for my audience.

    Nearly all of my interviews (at least the first 50) are with people that I've known over the years and have become friend with. If you listen to the later shows you will hear a big difference in my voice and the flow of the show versus the earlier episodes. (ie: I got better)

    Running the show also takes a lot of work. I always do at least an hour or two of research or each person I interview, just in case they give me short answers and I need to come up with questions to fill up the full 30 minutes of the show.

    I think this is something all podcasters and speakers deal with. You just have to put yourself out there and get better over time.

    Thanks for question!
  3. Tyler Bell|MYB Revolution

    Tyler Bell|MYB Revolution Entrepreneur


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