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Selling Leads

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Andes, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Andes

    Andes Entrepreneur

    I'm web scraping expert. I provide leads for all types of industries/verticals in many countries, including e-commerce. All leads are Optin and TCPA Compliant unless only data is required and not optin.

    I use python scrapy framework. My scripts can run on linux or Windows. I schedule scripts on server if it is required. I do google scraping, facebook scraping, yellow pages, linkedin, amazon, webshops, specialty sites and other sites with lists of any items. I can scrape secured and protected sites, my crawlers can enter into login form, emulate ajax requests etc. If site block IP I can use proxy or TOR. I can try avoid captcha on site in automatic or manual mode.

  2. xeylonfm

    xeylonfm Entrepreneur

    Wow, I see you got an enterprise fully set up here which is quite automated. However when you say you provide leads how that does work and how targeted are they? In my case I go the conventional way; the lead capture pages at the front with the form somewhere vivid where the leads can opt in, I got an auto responder in the back to capture their information and then I can send them offers periodically. I establish and ethical and professional relationship with them before I can begin pitching. I find that with their rights respected, they are more open to my ideas. When you say you “scrap”, is it ethical and considerate? And are the leads targeted according to niches? Get me around this.
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  3. Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin Entrepreneur

    Not all business owners talk your language bring it down a little and better explain what you have to offer please I own a small business and need more work are you talking about bring me leads that are looking for a service that I provide???

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