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laws of money

Discussion in 'Research and Ideas' started by Eric777, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Eric777

    Eric777 Entrepreneur

    Understand the laws of money.
    By taking advantage of these laws you will definitely acquire more wealth:

    The law of circulation:
    If there is one thing money has thought us it is its ability to nerve stay in one place think about it , the money you have now must have reached millions of channels before it got to you and soon it will leave your hand to the hands of another.
    This is one of the major abilities of money. It never stays in one place forever. Our needs just can't allow it. So what do you do to take advantage of this . Find the universal force that pushes money in its circulatory flow understand the flow and utilize it. I will reveal this soon enough.

    The law of perception:
    Money is solely made to follow the law of its holders perception. If you perceive money to be use for cars and houses. It will follow through and come to you. The only difference is cars and houses dont provide a circulatory flow ( cashflow) to the individual but it does to the world. Imagine you had a perception of using money for a house. You some how get money but this time the money to buy a car does not come all at once but rather weekly. Gather up for a year or two and you could buy that house but at that time you won't be able to because your perception of money didn't follow the time factor.
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  2. Eric777

    Eric777 Entrepreneur

    More will be out soon

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