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How to start a successful business?

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Toggar, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Toggar

    Toggar Entrepreneur

    If you are a growing company you might need to increase your visibility therefore your customer base. You might also need to trade with many companies worldwide. You can have all of that for free on a B2B online marketplace. It's a platform where you upload and share your products with companies around the world and where you can buy others' products too.
    Register on Toggar.com and start trading NOW.

  2. azgold

    azgold Moderator Entrepreneur

    Hi, @Toggar, welcome!

    Please apply to have your company added to our official Resources list before soliciting business. It doesn't cost anything and gives you exposure to our entire membership base.

    Thanks! :)
  3. Irene_Loor

    Irene_Loor Entrepreneur

    Hi! Thank you for the information. The platform seems to be ineresting, I will probably register there and test it.
  4. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator Entrepreneur

    @Toggar , Welcome to entrepreneurfix.
    @Irene_Loor ; I get your world but.

    Kindly don't spam, read the forum rules. Lets really fix entrepreneur problems as community. No point in simply redirecting or writing for non human search engines. Challenge yourself ... lets make this forum a better place so we all can learn. Thanks for understanding and support.

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