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How Affiliates/Affiliate Networks Can be Protected

Discussion in 'Sales, Marketing and PR' started by William Clements, May 11, 2016.

  1. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Business Owner Entrepreneur

    For Affiliates/Affiliate Networks alike, I am about to go over the steps/things you should do in order to protect yourself from scam or non-paying networks, etc.

    NOTE: When referring to pubs It means Publishers and it is used interchangeable with Affiliates.

    1. If any, read reviews on the organization. Not all have them as they maybe new or just do not ask their pubs to leave reviews. You can do an Google search such as "ORGANIZATION NAME reviews or scam. For direct sites you can check on Affpaying, oDigger, Offervault.

    2. Either make and supply blank Insertion Order (IO) and Credit References to collect them completed. Then, go ahead and contact their reference to see what kind of response you get from them or you can make and send them a formal form to fill out with the information you are asking for. Use the references to determine if they are a good fit to be an Advertiser for you.

    Simple Insertion Order Template (Word Document Download).
    Credit Reference Form (Word Document Download).
    Trade Reference Request Form (Shows bank but it looks more like a formal request to Advertisers references).
    Request For Bank Credit Reference.

    Although, some can fall through the cracks, this is the best method to protect you and your businesses from non-paying and fraudulent Advertisers/Affiliate Networks.

    Have other ideas? Share them in the comments and ask questions if you have any there too.

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