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Hello, I'm Joshua

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by joshua byrne, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. joshua byrne

    joshua byrne Entrepreneur

    Hello everybody my name is Joshua, and I am currently in high school however when I graduate I would like to be an entrepreneur and be successful in the real world. So I figured coming here would be a good way to obtain inspiration and ideas. So I'll see you guys around the forums!
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  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Entrepreneur

    Hello @joshua byrne , welcome to EntrepreneurFix! Thanks for joining us.

    Are you going to attend college or university?

    Do you currently have a source of income?

    You'll meet a lot of great folks here and all of them helping one another daily. I'm sure you'll find your way around and hook up with some interesting members.

    What areas of business are of interest to you?

    Looking forward to your posts and threads.

    See you around the forums.

    Good Luck

    T J
  3. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Business Owner Entrepreneur

  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Entrepreneur

    Hello there, @joshua byrne! Welcome to the forum. It's nice to have you on board. :) Wow, at such a young age, you are already interested in running a business of your own in the future, it's good to have an ambition in life. Keep that up!
  5. joshua byrne

    joshua byrne Entrepreneur

    Thank you that means a lot to hear people not tell me I'm crazy considering I hear that from all of my classmates, teachers, and family members.
  6. joshua byrne

    joshua byrne Entrepreneur

    I don't think my mother will have enough money to put me into college so sadly no. I do not currently have any source of income yet but I've been trying things out and trying to get my feet wet. Businesses that interest me are ones that involve being online so if you know of any efficient ways to make money online whether it be through launching a business or even just an online job I would be open to listen to your ideas. And thank you for welcoming me here I appreciate it!
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  7. joshua byrne

    joshua byrne Entrepreneur

    What exactly is that entrepreneur group, is it just a forum or is it something else, I'm pretty curious.

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