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Digitalization, what is next up?

Discussion in 'Research and Ideas' started by Fredenrist, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Fredenrist

    Fredenrist Entrepreneur

    Well, let's face it. Everything is getting digitized these days, literally. But, what is next up? Which thing is next up to be digitized?

    There are probably 101 different things, however right now I'm having a hard time finding those 101 things.

    Share your thoughts on this interesting topic.

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  2. setupdisc

    setupdisc Moderator Entrepreneur

    I'm not sure you will see more digitalization of things since nearly everything today already is. What you will likely see next are alternative representations of the physical world from virtual reality to holographic presentations, and modification of the natural world around us on the nano and pico scale of biological evolutionary direction. More or less, this means people modifying the very construct and building blocks of the world around them to become what they want them to be. The transhumanists delight in this idea and ideology, but it's extremely frightening to people who favor the natural world and do not want to see those changes commence.

    It is considered even to be foolish and destructive by those who fear the permanent changes and dissolve of everything around us in the world if they are to proceed. It doesn't appear that we have much choice in the matter, however. These projects are already being performed clandestinely without any approval from the population or even those who would normally combat such things. So whatever it is they are working on and doing, it is that which will (for better or for worse) be the future of what is up next.

    The digitization of people and what makes anything in the natural world exist is what they would like to do ultimately, but that has extreme risks, a destructive factor, and an enslavement factor unlike any other weight carried by undertakings in the past of any kind.

    So yeah, it's going to be a new direction from anything people have seen thus far with current technology and mediums, with a hybridization of what we have now to smooth the transitions.
  3. djentre

    djentre Entrepreneur

    The internet of things is what is next. Your table and chair could be digitized soon too. Maybe when you sit down on your chair the next time, it will make sure the chair is warm enough or cold enough depending on the weather and temperature. The table could act as a screen on which you can have all the important contact numbers displaying, all the important information that you really need on hand, maybe you could dial phone numbers using your table :p

    Your dog's collar could be digitized (isnt it already), so you could be in the kitchen, and you can intercom commands to your dog, make sure he doesn't head over to the neighbor's poodle for some love, etc. Plenty of options out there.
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  4. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Entrepreneur

    Yes, I agree. Connectivity is the next thing. Everything will be connected to the network. From your coffee mug to your bed to your car, fridge, microwave oven. Quite scary if you ask me, for security and privacy reasons.
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  5. djentre

    djentre Entrepreneur

    Yeah it is a bit scary. But, that's what makes it exciting too. I think a lot of advertising will happen via the new connected appliances. The Fridge advertising veggies from the nearby grocery store, the office table reminding you to place an order with Staples for stationary.. the prospects are endless.
  6. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Entrepreneur

    Recent technologies are digitizing our brains and digitizing our muscles with implants. Biotechnology is at the forefront in many ways.
  7. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Entrepreneur

    well we already got digital cigarettes, so alcohol is just about the only thing left to be digitized i think.
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  8. remnant

    remnant Entrepreneur

    In the foreseeable future, you will see digitization of walking, clothing, emotion detection and even medical diagnosis. Inventions might be far apart but innovations are being churned out at a dizzying pace. I think the only thing that cannot be digitized is well, thinking.
  9. djentre

    djentre Entrepreneur

    I agree. Wearable technology along with iOt in terms of other things that we use in our daily lives, is going to be the future. I did not mention wearable tech earlier because its sort of already here. But, since its not in every home right now, wearable certainly has a lot of growth potential. Think about the preventive medical care that people can provide using wearables. About the information would be able to carry on their bodies by just wearing such a product. A shirt that would be able to tell you how hot or cold it is and maybe alert you to put on that vest you have tucked away. There are just a lot of things that are coming soon.

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