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Developing Your Company’s Culture Like Bacteria in a Petri Dish

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by Take Career of Yourself, Sep 7, 2015.

What is the culture like at your company?

  1. Non-stop water cooler soap opera drama - tune in every Monday through Friday

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  2. Everyone works hard and minds their business - especially what's-his-name

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  3. Play hard, work later - time to hang up the going out of business sign

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  4. Bacteria, fungus - need to hire a cleaning crew ASAP

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  1. Take Career of Yourself

    Take Career of Yourself Entrepreneur

    When a mad scientist (or a happy scientist) wants to grow a microbial culture in their secret laboratory, they start by sterilizing a petri dish, adding sources of nutrition for the microbes, then add the microbes. It’s probably that simple!

    So, if office managers are exactly like scientists, and offices are exactly like petri dishes, that means that a company’s culture can be developed like a culture of bacteria (flawless logic)...


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