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Creating a Supplement company.

Discussion in 'Research and Ideas' started by James Fresh, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. James Fresh

    James Fresh Entrepreneur

    So the Fitness industry is BOOMING and i have some ideas.

    I am wondering how i can figure out if i can use the name i am considering, or if i can get into law problems or legal problems because i choose the "Brand" name?

    I live in Norway, and i am a Norwegian citizen. But want to deliver worldwide etc..

  2. thedude

    thedude Entrepreneur

    The supplement business is huge and a great business idea. Let me give you some advice from the negatives of the supplement business in the US:

    Supplements often don't contain the ingredients listed on the label. Even in GMP certified facilities, companies are selling bunk pills. So do everything you can to prove to your customers that your product is real. This will make you stand out from the competition and allow you to charge a lot more.
  3. James Fresh

    James Fresh Entrepreneur

    This is my plan.

    To use ingredients thats cheap and cost effective, but still REAL Foods just turned into powder form for convenience.. And make like 20$ profit.
  4. Pop

    Pop Entrepreneur

    As a simple consumer my impression of suppliment makers is that the are skeevy and not to be trusted. Every time Consumer Reports does a suppliment check they find most of the products are lying about what is in them, especially in relation to dosage. So my advice about entering this already crowded marketplace would be that the only thing to make a new player stand out would be ethics. The existing companies excell as hyper-excited marketing, cost cutting, crazy mark ups, ingredient swapping, and basically treating the consumer like a dumb shill who deserves to be ripped off, if not poisoned. A new company making real product and a sensible profit margin would make a refreshing change.
  5. James Fresh

    James Fresh Entrepreneur


    Were do i find a facility that can produce what i need?

    Or should i get my own facility? I guess it could be done quickly... Just weight up, grind up all the ingredients.. package it... Box it.. Ship it??
  6. remnant

    remnant Entrepreneur

    I presume that the supplements business is cutthroat. There are many supplements listed on dubious claims and you have to an extra mile in order to rise above the competition. Online supplements are especially tricky because some drug dealers operate under their guise.

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