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A serial startup employee explains 4 key steps to building a $1 million business in under 48 hours

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by EF-Roger, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Entrepreneur


  2. arthnel

    arthnel Entrepreneur

    An excellent article. I actually bookmarked that page and will surely go back and read more about the plan. It was easy to understand , yet very insightful. It actually made me want to do more research about work done by Noah Kagan and the approach he took towards his successful ventures. Thanks for posting this. it was very inspiring and I already have some ideas from it as well.
  3. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Entrepreneur

    Well, it's always easier said than done, and not all people have the same luck as Noah Kagan's. Anyway, thanks for sharing. It's still very relevant, and informative.

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