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2015 goals?

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by Christian S, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Christian S

    Christian S Entrepreneur

    Lets all create a thread with our goals in and then look at them in a years time and see if we hit them.

    Mine are,

    1. To leave my full time job
    2. To create one profitable company
    3. To make over $5000 a month myself

  2. Brian

    Brian Entrepreneur

    1. Return to mobile affiliate marketing - waiting on my affiliate manager to return from vaca
    2. Build out an amazing action-oriented and result-producing productivity course for Internet entrepreneurs (for affiliate marketers, digital product sellers, bloggers, etc.) - and make it work
    3. Share results of my SEO walkthrough with EntrepreneurFix community - and test it some more with my supportive mastermind group

    Essentially, return to what I feel is my calling (affiliate marketing), try building out and pushing hard for my own product (productivity course), and test out SEO
  3. Max

    Max Entrepreneur

    The main goal I have is just to get something launched. I plan to start affiliate marketing again, I've had some minor success with it in the past, but I never really took it that seriously. I tend to overthink things a lot, so I end up missing opportunities.
  4. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee Entrepreneur

    Just the one for this year

    Pay off debts, by my self not with a 9-5 job

    once i've done that i'll set the new one

    To sucess
  5. K

    K Administrator Business Owner Entrepreneur

    1. Continue LandingPageGuys.com amazing growth and expand into more corporate companies with @@Andy Haskins
    2. Launch my own personal blog OliverKenyon.com and establish as a good resource for online entrepreneurs
    3. Launch new project with @@LukePeerFly and grow to over 2000 members
    4. Establish EntrepreneurFix
    5. Launch 1-2 more forums under FixForums Ltd
    6. Create some passive income streams with @@Andy Haskins
    7. Continue to grow AffiliateFix into the biggest affiliate resource online
    8. Personally improve my living and work lifestyles and become more efficient
    9. Get fit again

    One busy and amazing year ahead!
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